Roam the World and keep in touch for Free!

  • International FREE* calls to other Mobyler users using 3G or Wi-Fi.
  • Call non-Mobyler contacts at the lowest rates possible.
  • Check your contacts, you can see which of your iPhone contacts is already using Mobyler
  • Your privacy is important to us!. We do NOT use your contact details or contact list for advertising purposes, nor do we share these details with any other parties!
  • Go ahead and call. It's FREE* and it works great!
    * Calls use your data plan

What is Mobyler?

With the Mobyler FREE application you can make 100% free calls to other users that have installed Mobyler on their iPhone or Android mobile phone.

You can use the Mobyler worldwide to make FREE calls as long as your friends and family have also installed the Mobyler application so spread the word!
If you want to call people not using Mobyler it is possible to register for Mobyler and buy a little credit and call them at the lowest rates possible.

The Mobyler app is currently only available for the iPhone and Android based phones but we are expecting Blackberry versions soon!

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